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(Tuukka Tomperi. Kuva: Jonne Renvall)

Tuukka Tomperi (PhD, ed.; MA, phil.) is a senior researcher working with a grant by Kone Foundation at the Faculty of Education and Culture of the Tampere University (Finland). His main areas of interest are found in philosophy of education, pedagogical theories and practices, and politics and sociology of education.

My areas of expertise and interest overall include educational philosophy, history and sociology; pedagogical theory, curriculum studies and critical pedagogy; education for critical thinking and democracy; philosophy for children (pedagogical philosophy); political socialization; subject matter didactics (philosophy, ethics, social studies, psychology); educational policy/politics research (especially higher education & science policy studies); and quantitative research methods.

I have originally studied philosophy, literature and social sciences (with MA in philosophy) and after completing pedagogical studies in teacher education I transferred myself to educational sciences (with PhD in education). During my career I have worked as a subject matter teacher (in high schools), researcher and lecturer in education and teacher education (University of Tampere & Tampere University), researcher in youth socialization research (Finnish Youth Research Society) and as a project manager and book, journal and web portal editor in philosophy (Society for European Philosophy).

My current research project is called ”DemoCrit: modelling deliberative-democratic dialogue and critical-reflective thinking through pedagogical philosophy for children and young people”. The project combines theoretical and empirical research on the practice of philosophy (or ”philosophizing”) in education (in primary and secondary school and high school).

Presently, I am also a participating researcher in the research project ”Towards better academia: Strategic management and experiences of academic community during the Tampere 3 university merger”.

Contact: firstname.surname @ gmail.com or tuni.fi


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(Tuukka Tomperi. Kuva: Kimmo Hokkanen)

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(Tuukka Tomperi. Kuva: Elisa Serave)